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Free listing of your Startup on World's first Startup Exchange by RisingIndia ThinkTank
Free listing of your Startup on World's first Startup Exchange by RisingIndia ThinkTank

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Early Registration Guidelines for Startups

Registration Guidelines for Startup

Startups seeking to register on the startup Exchange platform must meet certain guidelines. The platform primarily caters to revenue stage startups, ensuring that they have reached a certain level of financial stability and growth. However, for startups in the early stages, such as those in the ideation or minimum viable product (MVP) phase, we recommend registering with a venture studio like RisingIndia ThinkTank. These studios specialize in nurturing and supporting startups during their initial stages, providing valuable resources, mentorship, and guidance. By registering with the appropriate platform based on their stage, startups can access tailored support and opportunities that best suit their needs. This ensures a conducive environment for startups to thrive and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

More guidelines to follow soon
We would be updating on launch