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Invest on a secured Startup Exchange to ensure safe investments in verified startups of India.
Invest on a secured Startup Exchange to ensure safe investments in verified startups of India.

Join the vanguard of Startup Exchange – Where elite investors meet groundbreaking startups


  • Priority Access: Get ahead of the market with first look at upcoming startups before they go public.

  • Secured Investments: Benefit from our robust due diligence process ensuring quality and security.

  • Diversified Portfolio: Expand your portfolio across various sectors and stages for a balanced investment.

  • In-depth Analytics: Utilize comprehensive financial analysis tools to make informed decisions.

  • Strategic Opportunities: Be part of a community that shapes the future of innovative startups with strategic investment opportunities.

Startup Exchange invites you to the forefront of innovation. Secure early access to a curated list of high-potential startups, handpicked for their potential to disrupt industries and deliver outstanding returns.

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Early Registration Guidelines for Investors

Registration Guidelines for Investors

Startup Exchange aims to empower potential investors to become angels in the startup ecosystem. Registration guidelines are available for investors who are interested in accessing an early stage investment opportunity through listing with the startup exchange. On registration you would be able to access Next Startup community stocks, giving you the chance to own a part of the next big startup and support their growth. To participate as a startup investor, the requirement is to allocate a minimum of INR 2.5 lakhs in funds towards startups. Start your journey to becoming a part of the thriving startup ecosystem today.

A particular started will be exposed based on the criteria you submit while depositing to a limited number of potential investors which will not exceed 180 to the maximum and Startup

More guidelines to follow soon
We would be updating on launch