Frequently asked questions

Listing Fee for a Startup?

It would be free for a limited period for startups founders registering during pre-launch period and recognised by

Brokerage for Investor or any VC fee?

Investors would also have privilege during the pre-launch offer and accordingly any investment may be free from brokerage or any professional fee

FAQs for Startup Early Access Page

Q1: What are the requirements for a startup to get listed on Startup Exchange? A1: To be listed, a startup must be revenue generating and meet certain criteria, which include but are not limited to a minimum revenue or funding threshold, a viable business model, and a clear growth strategy. Startups must also pass our due diligence process.

Q2: How can Startup Exchange help my startup attract investors? A2: Startup Exchange connects startups with a network of accredited investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors. Our platform provides visibility and facilitates the process of investment, providing startups with a robust ecosystem for growth.

Q3: Is there a fee for listing my startup on the platform? A3: Standard listing fees will apply. Detailed fee structures will be provided upon your successful registration, except otherwise offered.

Q4: What kind of support does Startup Exchange offer during the listing process? A4: Our team offers comprehensive support including guidance on regulatory compliance, crafting your investment pitch, and connecting with potential investors through our platform.

Q5: How does Startup Exchange ensure the confidentiality of my startup’s information? A5: We employ stringent security measures to protect your data. Access to detailed startup information is restricted to verified investors who have shown serious intent by depositing investment amount or a commitment fee.

FAQs for Investor Early Access Page

Q1: Who can register for early access as an investor? A1: Early access is available to accredited investors, venture capital firms, and angel investors who are interested in investing in high-potential startups. Registration requirements include completing a verification process and meeting our investment criteria.

Q2: What kind of startups will I have access to? A2: You will have access to a handpicked selection of startups across diverse sectors, each rigorously vetted for potential and growth prospects, from the pre-seed stage to pre-IPO.

Q3: Are there any fees associated with early access? A3: There are no fees to register for early access. However, once the platform is live, certain transactions may incur fees as per our standard rates, which will be clearly outlined in our fee schedule.

Q4: How is Startup Exchange securing my investments? A4: Startup Exchange uses state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your investments. Additionally, all listed startups undergo a comprehensive due diligence process to ensure compliance and investment quality.

Q5: What is the minimum investment required? A5: The minimum investment amount is subject to the individual startup fundraising rounds. However, as an early access member, you will be notified of these requirements well in advance of the general investor pool. SE believe you should be able to invest minimum of INR 0.25 M to begin a valuable startup investing journey